Gallery is a place for great authentic Art with its multitude of forms and reincarnations along the shores of the flow of the river  of the History of Art. Gallery strives for interesting shows for and meetings with the educated, sincere and sophisticated public. Artists that we are thrilled to work with are unique and uber talented flock of professionals who make a difference in the visual culture of the generation,- Internationally. Gallery brings to the appreciating viewers a feast of energetic, expressive, multidimentional visuals and concepts that are aiming to broaden and deepen the horizon of the Art Reality,- Globally. Among the variety of styles (from realistic painting, to post-punk garbage collage, from high style to mundane low brow pastihce, the underline quality of our representation is -  through senses to the mind and soul. It is a prevalent concern of our associates  at the gallery to look, find and put in the front row of the contemporary art those artists whose work is of a great validity and of Art Historical presence, be it a giant urban mural, cast iron sculpture, body art or marker drawing. We check the pulse of the contemporary art on the daily basis and proudly and methodically amplify the beat of it, helping to keep it alive and well. We thank anybody and everybody who found it in their life to help to push the goal of Art further and higher: to express, clarify, laugh, teach, entertain and make all of us better. Bow without exit.

Win Rooteri, Gallery

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