HAPPY ART HISTORY PRIZE opens for Submissions October 31 2015
Drawings of Roth Milano. Private Showing. October 25. 2015
Artist Biographies. Zander Fialko. October 22. 2015
Search for the Forgotten/Unused. Bone Carving October 13   2015
Splash Me? -Splash You! Champaigne/Watercolor Paintings. October 1 2015
Musee De Unet Acquisition of Boris Zoubkous' "MAMA LIKE" 5 Works!

Anton Jankovoy Solo Exhibition. September 2015. Catalogue Printed.
SOLO EXHIBITION WINNER FOR 2015 is Anton Jankovoy! Congratulations! 

ART HISTORY PRIZE WINNERS : Zoe Bienn, Lee Chi Ming, Ray Fontanez ! Congratulations!  
Decision is pending on Winners of Happy Art History Prize. 

Happy Art History Prize is closed for Submissions.
HAPPY ART HISTORY PRIZE is open for submissions. Deadline June 27 2015

PHOTO SAPIENS PRIZE WINNERS : Chris Nutar, Anton Jankovoy,  MVO. Congratulations!  20 Runners up Selected : 
PHOTO SAPIENS PRIZE is closed for Submissions. Decision - June 1
Dina Avero-Tana Catalogue Published! 

2/19/2015 PHOTO SAPIENS PRIZE opened for submissions by Photographers around the World. Any type of Photography accepted. Manipulated Photography accepted. Students are eligible to apply. One limitation : You must be 18 years old or older (Prize Paying Procedure).  3 prizes 5000$ each, 20 runners up included on the Prize Page with 5-10 images. 
Sculpture Group Harbin. Snow Scuptures. China
Andrey Svorog, Casey Mills. Congratulations! 
Images of 20 Runners up are posted in Runners Up Section.
HAPPY ART HISTORY PRIZE is open for submissions. Deadline January 27 2015
October 1st 2014 Winner of Juried Solo Exhibition: Dina Avero-Tana.

 June 30th. JURIED SOLO EXHIBITION submission is open. Deadline is September 9th 2014. Winner will get a SOLO EXHIBITION and $1500 for travel/shipping, 5 runners up will get 5 of their images represented on this gallery site.
June 11st. 2014
Roth Milano, Zander Fialko, Melanie Resome. Congratulations!
20 runners up images uploaded on HAPPY ART HISTORY PRIZE RUNNERS UP    page.
June 9th. 2014 "I PAINT THEREFORE I AM" Competition Winners announced and published.

 March 05.2014
International Semiannual HAPPY ART HISTORY PRIZE is open for submissions, deadline is June 9, 2014.
40 Artists were accepted for the Digital Files of Artists Placements! 
Juried Online Exhibition Competition "Line, Shape, Color"  for 
Permanent Placement on Galleryfor.me website starts in March! 
Photoshop CS5 Prize, Galleryfor.me, Boris Zoubkous, Future Art, Happy Art History Prize are happy to announce total of  $ 15,000 prizes for the Global Art Competition. Initiative is for a wider number of Artists to have a chance  to become participants of a creation of the Art History here and now. 
HappyArtHistoryPrize  supports  Artists  and helps them to find their financial, intellectual and expressive outlet in life and/or a career. 
Happy Art History Prize will be open for Artist submissions in March 2014 on 
www.galleryfor.me website.3 prizes $5,000 each. 20 runner ups Artists will have one image and contact information on Galleryfor.me Happy Art History Prize Winners pages.
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