"HAPPY ART HISTORY!" Boris Zoubkous 2012
Boris Zoubkous.
October 2- November 1, 2012.
Reception October 5, 6-8 pm

Boris Zoubkous was called an Exquisite rebel, Art Shaman, Coloring guy (for his famous coloring book pages World-wide marches), Art Whisperer, Siberian Force of Nature,Minister of Art History, Brain Granade,- to name just a few alliaces readily available for this unique artist,- but after seeing the show "Happy Art History!" in the totality of the overwhelming body of work that is funny, pensive, desperate, poignant, deep and smashingly provocative,- the best would be to quietly ponder over the horizon that Boris Zoubkous broadened in understanding of a strange symbiois of Human Nature, Art Nature and Art History Nature, wrapped in one revolutionary Art Show!
Win Rooteri, Galleryfor.me

"HAPPY ART HISTORY!" Boris Zoubkous 2012
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